New feature, New Face Down In Shit CD, Scandanvians hit the road


Before we get started, an update on a future update: we hope to have some new posters done by the time our enemies meet to work on the Free Trade Area of the Americas agreement in Miami this November, we’ll post them as soon as we do. In the meantime, for those interested in fucking things up for them, the features section now includes a draft in progress as a foretaste of the anarchist cookbook we’ll be publishing early next year: a Black Bloc How-To. Young activists be advised, however, that the CrimethInc. officials who handle strategy and tactics have concluded that the Black Bloc approach may not be as effective in Miami as more covert, unpredictable guerrilla actions… so apply the Bloc recipe on Halloween night, when everyone’s in masks anyway, and “do your part” locally, then go try out other things in Miami. That’s our advice.

Second, we’re thrilled to announce the release of the “Passing Times” CD, a work of genius by our friends Face Down In Shit. For those of you not familiar with the band, this is soulful, poor boy stoner punk rock at its most artistically mature and emotionally intense. This album is a cry from the pit, an affirmation of life at its hardest and bleakest. Following the usual discussion about politics and so on, medical guinea pig Jason wanted me to use the phrase “direct action marijuana liberation activists” in their description, so there it was.

Two of our favorite Scandinavian bands, The Spectacle and Zegota, will be going on tour soon. The Spectacle will be touring Europe through November and December, and Zegota will finally be playing a week of US shows on the east coast from December 27 to January 2. There is a new blog entry also. All the best in your adventures and misadventures, my friends. Winter is coming — let’s put the heat on.