Convergence Details Posted, Update on Financial Situation


The convergence plans that have been incubating since winter have hatched! You’ll find here an extensive description of what to expect, including campsite policies, activities, and scheduled events. This is by far the most preparation we’ve ever done for one of these events. This summer’s CrimethInc. convergence runs from July 26 to 31. Those who wish to attend should show up during the day on July 26 to the Visitors Center on the northeast corner of Highway 61 and Huff Street in Winona, Minnesota. Email with questions. See you there, or somewhere…

Thanks to everyone for the immense support we received after our announcement of financial crisis. The abundance of supportive words and donations sustained us through a very difficult time, and we’ve emerged on the other side intact and ready for action. All who lent a hand have our most sincere gratitude. As such, we’re pleased as punch to announce that the extraordinary crisis is over and we now resume our constant-but-not-quite-debilitating financial crisis. Fighting For Our Lives are once again shipping out in bulk, and you can ignore our desperate pleas for donations without guilt once again! Just kidding, of course—donations still remain an essential element to what we are doing and if you are able to spare some money to help us send out FFOLs, it is still needed and appreciated. And finally, if you’ve been thinking about grabbing a copy of the Ne Plus Ultra Days of War, time is running out, as of today only 11 copies remain.