Filastine CD Benefit for Green Scare Defendants, Downloads Galore


A year ago today the despicable lackeys of the FBI initiated “operation backfire,” a roundup of accused arsonists intended to intimidate all associated with ecologically-oriented direct action. Most the of the defendants in this witch hunt have since accepted plea bargains—some honorably, some dishonorably. More on this here.

We are pleased to do our humble part to support the defendants who have refused to inform by releasing Filastine’s “Burn It” CD as a fundraiser. Filastine, a former member of ¡Tchkung! and founding participant in the Infernal Noise Brigade, has been drawing on musical traditions from all around the globe to compose incendiary anarchist music for well over a decade now. “Burn It,” a wide-ranging mélange of driving rhythms, electronic experimentation, on-site sampling, and multilingual vocals, has already been released in Europe to great acclaim. A full $5 from every CD sale will go to the defendants, who face long stretches of prison time and massive debts.

Also, while things seemed quiet here over the past month and a half, a full six new designs have been announced on the CrimethInc. Worker Bulletin Board. These include N30: The Seattle WTO Protests, a 64-page retrospective exploring how the WTO demonstrations seven years ago changed the course of history; a timeline of events in Oaxaca, chronicling the popular uprising currently taking place just beyond the US border; Don’t Talk to the Police, an admonition to all who may be questioned by police or federal agents; Wash Your Own Dishes, an explication of every political/economic system from Libertarianism to Anarcho-Primitivism according to how the dishes get washed; The Art of Politics, an analysis of all the ways politics-as-we-know-it excludes, segregates, co-opts, distracts, controls, represses, and oppresses; and White Shark Tales, a globe-trotting adventure story of anarchist resistance. These are all available for downloading free of charge; please copy, plagiarize, reinvent, and circulate widely. If you cannot otherwise obtain print copies of them, email